Deniz Yılkan Aydın



 I’m a photographer who lives in one of the biggest metropolis; Istanbul. I studied Photography and Graphic Arts at Kocaeli University, Fine Art Faculty. Photography, in short, is the way I live.

Usually I’m serving for Newborn & Wedding Photography. But you can also hire me for all kind of events and personal photo shootings. I have worked with so many models, actor & actresses to create them a portfolio photo shooting. Portrait photography is my speciality but I can work in the field of food photography as long as there is natural sunlight. I’m a kind of photographer who always prefer to work with sun ligt.

If you are a foreigner in my city and need a photographer, you can contact me too. I can guide you by using my 16 years of Istanbul experience. To discover local delicacies, views, bars and to get a nice photo series, here i am!

I complete photo editing in one week after photo shooting day. You can email me for all of your questions :


You can leave a message from contact page.

Also, if you want to use one of my works; please visit my iStock & ShutterStock pages. If you can’t find them, email me.

I have other interest beside photography like camping, that is a real passion for me and my husband. We have created a blog page for our explorations. It’s called Vanderground, you can have a look at it. I like yoga, books, clean eating, summer and long walks in nature. That’s all for now. Hope to see you somewhere on this planet.

With love, Deniz.